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* Want to choose when and where to work

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* Have been searching for a new way to enjoy your life, spend time with family and make a difference in the world!


“After several failed attempts to establish a business on my own, Ka Sundance and his inspiring Sundance Family Business School was a real stroke of luck for me.
Within a few months, out of nowhere I was able to run a very successful blog, a Facebook fan page and set up a YouTube channel, all with remarkable reach – and it all continues to grow daily. To give you an example, during this short time I built an email list of 2500 addresses – without spending a penny on advertising.
The investment in the course has already been repaid multiple times by the sale of the products I have created with Ka’s assistance! And from here it continues upwards – I look forward to a future of financial freedom whilst at the same time really helping and supporting people!

Andreas Paffrath, Cologne,

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